Registration 2019-2020

Spring/Summer Registration 2019  will be held on Saturday, April 13th 2019 from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm at Lion’s Arena (20 Rittenhouse Rd., Kitchener). For those who didn’t register for the Fall/Winter sports, the registration fee is $20.00 plus $5.00…
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Congratulations Louise Harrison

Louise is a long time Volunteer with our group. She has held the position of Fundraiser, Registrar and Director of Public Relations. She assists with 10 pin bowling and is a great friend and resource for our Athletes. As a…
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Friday Night Basketball is Changing Location

We no longer have access to the gym at FACS for the rest of November / December and January, so we are moving Friday night basketball to; St. John Catholic Elementary School 99 Strange Street Kitchener Time 630 to 8pm…
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Fall/Winter/Spring Registration 2018-2019

Fall/Winter/Spring Registration 2018-2019 will be held on Saturday September 15 from 10:00 am until 12:30 pm at Lion’s Arena (20 Rittenhouse Rd., Kitchener) The registration fee is $20.00 plus $5.00 for each sport enrolled in.  Some programs have additional program…
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Congrats Irene Metzger

Irene Metzger, our Volunteer of the Year, was recognized at the resent Kitchener Sports Association. Irene has been with us for 7 years and has held the position of Fundraising Co-ordinator. She conducts our 3 annual bowl-a-thons, co-ordinates our chocolate…
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Powerlifting Competition

This month at the Mississauga Powerlifting competition, Robert placed 2nd in his weight class and Dan placed 1st in his. They made all their lifts and displayed great form & sportsmanship!

Thanks For The Support!

We were fortunate enough to receive a donation from the new Teppermans store in Kitchener! Thank you so much for your generosity.

Adopt a Sport

Sponsors can now choose to ‘adopt a sport’ and become either the ‘title’ sponsor or for larger sports, can be a co-sponsor.  Teams will proudly display your name/logo on teams shirts and show the community your generosity to a those in Waterloo…
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Program Funding Assistance

Here are some pictures of Adele Couchman (Sports For Special Athletes) accepting a cheque for $2,500 from Kitchener Sports Association for Fee Assistance which will continue to ensure that no one will be excluded from our programs due to an inability…
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